4 v 2 Into 1 v 1

Set Up:

The attackers play 4 v 2 in each of the two grids. They score one point for putting together ten consecutive passes and an additional two points for completing a string of 20 consecutive passes. At any time, the Feeder can call out a number (the attackers are numbered 1-5), and that attacker must leave the box (on the side closest to the Feeder) to make a run at goal. The first player out of the box becomes the attacker and the other player becomes the defender. The Feeder passes to the attacker, and the 1 v 1 goes to goal. Play continues 3 v 2 in each box. Upon completion of the 1 v 1, both players run back to their boxes. A point is added to the team’s total for each goal scored.

Coaching Points:

1.  Speed of Play – Play with one or two touches inside the grid. Anticipate the next pass.​

2.  Creativity – Use feinting moves before receiving in order to stop or slow the defender’s run.

3.  Finishing – Your last touch before shooting should allow you to shoot at all four corners.


Progression 1 – The Feeder can call two numbers at a time to create a 2 v 2 

Players Required: 

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