4 v 2 Into 5 v 3

Set Up:

Each team starts with three players in the defending half and two players in the attacking half. A neutral attacker is stationed in each half. Two players from each team are designated as part-time attackers (the players marked with “1”) who can only enter the playing field when their team has possession. So during play, the attacking team has a 4 v 2 advantage in their defending half and a 5 v 3 advantage in their attacking half. When a team loses possession in the attacking half, their “1” players must exit the playing field. When a team loses possession in their defending half, the "1" players on the other team come onto the field.

Games are played to three goals and the players rotate to new positions after the game is over.

Coaching Points:

1    Speed of Play – Play in a one and two touch rhythm to create overloads and scoring chances.

2    Transition - Anticipate changes of possession and get moving before your opponent does.

3    Finishing – Work the ball to the end line to create opportunities for crosses and set backs.


Progression 1 – Play with one less part-time attacker, creating a 4 v 3 in the atacking half.

Players Required: 

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