4 v 3 Into 1 v 1 Into 3 v 4

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Set Up:

There are eighteen players set up on a field split into three zones, playing 4 v 3 in the defending zone, 1 v 1 in the narrow central zone, and 3 v 4 in the attacking zone. The attacking team tries to move the ball from the defending zone into the attacking zone for a shot on goal. The teams must use the central zone attacker at least once before passing into the attacking zone. The players may not leave their zones during play unless the conditions of the game change.  On goals and balls put out of play, the game is re-started by the Feeder.

Coaching Points:

1.  Do not take on defenders 1 v 1 inside of your own defensive zone.  

2.  Use the attacker in the central zone for the up, back, and thru combination.

3.  In the attacking zone, go at defenders with the dribble.   


1.  Attackers follow their own pass thru the central zone.   

Players Required: 

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