4 v 4, Penalty Area

Set Up:

The Feeder begins the drill with a pass to an attacker outside of the penalty area.  That player can pass or dribble into the penalty area to create the 4 v 4 OR he can pass to one of the other attackers on the outside.  Then that attacker can pass or dribble into the penalty area to create the 4 v 4. The defenders must rotate and switch with each ball to deny scoring chances. They can either clear the ball or win possession. When they win possession, they play the ball back to the Feeder to re-start the drill.

Coaching Points:

1.    Communication – The first shout sorts it out.​

2.    Pressure – Close the distance while the ball is moving.

3.    Speed – Follow the GK’s commands immediately.


1.    An attacker on the outside can shoot right away.

Players Required: 

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