4 v 4 Plus One to 6 Goals


  • Make multiple fields as necessary. Players play 4v4 with a neutral player in the middle.
  • Neutral player is on the team with the ball, so game is always 5v4
  • Teams attack the three goals on one side of the field. Outside goals are worth 3pts, inside goal worth 1. Restart with throw-ins and goalkicks. No corners.
  • Both teams play in a 4-1. With 4 defenders (#2, #3, #4, #5), and one center midfielder (#8), who is the neutral


  • Eventually change the middle goal to being worth 3pts, and outside goal worth 1pt to make more game realistic

Coaching Points

  • Movement of ball along backline to switch point of attack. If field is too cramped on one side, look to drop ball back to center back (#4, #5) and play to other side.
  • Combination off center mid to create space.
  • Movement off ball. Once ball is won, outside defenders (#2, #3) need to get immediately wide and in a advanced position further up field. When receiving ball, outside defenders need to open their body and take positive touch going forward if there is no pressure.
  • Communication
Goals Required: 
Balls Required: 
Players Required: 

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