4 v 4, Two Goal Game

Set Up:

Two teams play 4 v 4 on the small field, with each team defending two large goals along with a goalkeeper. To score, an attacker must be inside of either scoring zone, and he may only shoot at the goal inside of that zone. To shoot on the other goal, the ball must switched over to that zone. When a goal is scored, the attacking team keeps possession and attacks in the opposite direction. Games are played to five goals.

Coaching Points:

1    Defending – The weak side defender should drop back into the zone without the GK.

2    Decision Making – Pressuring the GK when he has possession will lead to a 2 v 1 overload.

3    Finishing – Choose a scoring zone at the last second to hold the defenders and GK in place.


Regression 1 – Play with a GK in all four goals.

Progression 1 – Attackers can shoot at both goals from a scoring zone at the opposite end.

Players Required: 

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