4 vs. 4 Dribble to Score

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Set Up:

  • Use a 30 x 40 yd field with 10 yd. end zones, and play 4v4 with small goals.
  • Play begins in the central zone. In order to score, the attacking team must dribble into the end zone before shooting on goal.  
  • Defenders can follow the ball into the end zone to win it back. If they win possession, they can dribble or pass back into the central zone.
  • If a team passes the ball into an end zone, an indirect freekick is awarded to the other team.

Coaching Points:

  • Encourage players off the ball to move into open space, so when the get the ball they have more room to dribble.
  • Attack 1v1 situations at speed.
  • Encourage players to consistently be looking for opportunities to dribble into space or attack 1v1.
Goals Required: 
Balls Required: 
Players Required: 

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