5 v 2 Keep Away


  • Make multiple fields depending on numbers at practice. Each field needs 7 players.
  • Two players are in the center and are trying to get the ball from the other 5.
  • If a defender gets the ball, the person who’s been in the center the longest switches with the person who lost the ball.
  • If the ball goes out of bounds, the person who made the errand pass, or didn’t control the ball, switches with someone in the center.
  • Make grid smaller or bigger depending on ability of players. We want the middle players switching at least every 30 seconds!

Coaching Points

  • Opening body to the field when receiving the ball, so you can see all options.
  • Little movements to change angle and offer better option to receive the ball. If you can’t see the ball, they the ball can’t find you!
  • Communication. Verbal vs. Nonverbal. Encourage players to show with their hands where they want the ball passed.
Goals Required: 
Balls Required: 
Players Required: 


ponchriley1 on 3/18/2019

Passing Drill

khering0813 on 10/16/2018
kkannen on 10/3/2018


AYSO Team on 8/12/2018

Good Drill  

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