5 v 2 Plus One Rondo

Set Up:

Five attackers play against two defenders in one half of the field, trying to complete four passes before switching the ball over to the player on the other end (Player 6). Upon transfer, all of the attackers run to support Player 6, except for Player 1. Player 5 becomes the central attacker in the new half, Players 3 and 4 play on the outside lines, and Player 2 now becomes the player on the line between the two halves. The two defenders also transfer over, and the 5 v 2 begins again in the new half. When the defenders win the ball, the ball returns to the attackers AFTER they sprint to a new position in the other half of the field. After 5 minutes, the defenders switch out. 


  • Add a third defender.
  • The target on other end (Player 6) only gets one touch on his first pass.
  • Limit touches of the attacking players.
  • Add incentives for defenders upon winning the ball (small goals or some other way of scoring).
  • Adjust grid size.

Coaching Points:

1.   Always be involved in the play. Expect the ball to come to you.

2.   Anticipate play so that you can support the ball right away.

3.   Maintain possession until a high percentage chance to switch the ball arises.

Players Required: 

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