5 v 3 Into 2 v 2 w/Crossing

Set Up:

Diagram 1: The teams play 5 v 3 in the central zone with defenders stationed in each of the flank zones. The attackers can shoot from inside the zone, but they must dribble thru a gate in order to enter the penalty area. When they do, a 2nd attacker crosses over into the area as the defenders release from the flank zones, to creating a 2 v 2.  Upon completion, the attackers re-start the 5 v 3 and new defenders switch into the flank zones.

*Note: If a 2 v 2 stalls in the penalty area, the ball can be played back out into the central zone to reset the 5 v 3. Defenders in the penalty area return to the flank zones.

Diagram 2: When the defenders win the ball in the 5 v 3, they immediately switch it out to either flank zone for a cross and finish. All of the players can cross over into the penalty area to play the cross.

Coaching Points:

1    Shooting – When the defenders block the gates, look for long shots.

2    Shielding – After getting thru the gate, carry past the defender and put him on your back.

3    Finishing – Play quickly out to the flank zone and play early crosses. Leave the defenders behind.


1    Set up 2 v 1’s in the flank zones.

Players Required: 

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