5 v 5 Functional Defensive Work - Six Goal Game

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Players are organized into two teams of five on a 20x30 yard pitch with six gates as goals. One team is defending in a back four and holding midfielder, while the other attacks with a front three and two midfielders. The objective of the attacking team is to circulate possession and dribble through any of the three gates on the opponents end. Central goal is worth two points, wide goals are wort one point. If the defending team wins possession, they can counter in any of the attacking team’s gates with either a pass or a dribble. Play 3x3 minute games with one minute recovery.

Coaching Points:

1.   The back four must stay connected when the ball is switched to the other side of the field.

2.   At all times and in all locations, defenders must pressure the ball.

3.   The advanced defender should not try to press on his own.

Players Required: 

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