5 v 5 Game, With 1 v 1 Start


The teams play 5 v 5 on the small field, and play begins with a pass from the Feeder into the small central zone. A player from each team enters the zone as soon as the ball is kicked, and those two players go 1 v 1, looking to win possession and dribble across the opponent’s end line. When the attacker dribbles out of the zone, the 5 v 5 begins and goes to completion. When a goal is scored or a ball is put out of play, the game is re-started by the Feeder. Balls played out of the 1 v 1 in the central zone are also re-started by the Feeder, and each team must send a new player into the next 1 v 1.


Coaching Points:

1.    Attacking 1 v 1 – Use feints and make sharp changes of speed and direction.​

2.    Decision Making – Hold your position if you’re unsure about who is going to win the ball.

3.    Speed of Attack – With a defender out of position, attack at speed to commit the next defender.



Progression 1 – Allow attackers to pass or dribble out of the central zone after winning the ball.

Players Required: 

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