5 v 5 Plus Two, Half Field

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Set Up:

The teams play 5 v 5 in the central zone with neutrals the flank zones. Neutrals are limited to one touch. The attacking team must pass the ball to a neutral before shooting on goal. When the defenders win the ball, they can score by dribbling thru any of the five small triangle goals in the central zone. The defenders can continue to score until the attackers re-possess. After 5-10 minutes, the two teams switch roles.

Coaching Points:

1.  Width and Depth – Expand the space and change the ball quickly.

2.  Speed of Play – Play one and two touch soccer and force the defenders to chase.

3.  Blind Side Runs –  Look to run in behind the defense to finish crosses from the neutrals.


Progression 1 – When the defenders score in a small goal, they become the attacking team and  attack the big goal.

Players Required: 

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