5 vs. 3 Rescue Mission

Set Up:

The team in possession has a 5 v 3 numerical advantage on the inside of the field. The defending team has a player on each sideline, looking to receive a pass after a turnover. The attacking team scores a point for 5 consecutive passes and two points for every 5 passes after that. The defending team scores a point for winning the ball and passing it out to a teammate on the sideline. With each loss of possession, the teams switch roles.

Coaching Points:

1.  The first defender must close the distance and pressure the ball.

2.  The defender should curve his run to the ball and force the play right or left.

3.  With a turnover, every attacker has to commit to defending immediately!


1.  Place a goal on each end line and play 5 v 3 to goal. 

Goals Required: 
Players Required: 


Jameskasuk on 12/14/2018


osstsunami on 9/16/2018


osstsunami on 9/16/2018

Possession Practice Drill

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