5 vs. 5 Two Goals

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  • In your 36x20 yd field, have a large goal on each endline.
  • Make multiple 4v4 teams. Each goal has a GK. - Play 5v5, while other team(s) sit out around field to shag balls as needed.
  • Both teams play a 3-1 formation. - Play for 3 minutes, and switch teams on the field. Teams need to keep track of how many they’ve won/loss/tied.

Coaching Points:

  • Same coaching points as above.
  • Encourage players to stay compact in and around their own goal when their team doesn’t have the ball. Limit the space between the defenders, and the space behind them.
  • If the attackers play back towards their own goal, the defending team should move up as well to compact the field.
  • Communication is a must. Without it, the defending team will have trouble organizing.
Goals Required: 
Balls Required: 
Players Required: 

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