6 v 4 v 2 to Goal

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Set Up:

Eight attackers (six on the outside, two on the inside) look to maintain possession and finish on goal. The two attackers on the inside are conditioned: The support player (Player 2) may not leave the central zone during play, and the target player (Player 1) may not shoot from inside the central zone. The support players can shoot from the outside. When the four defenders win the ball, they attack the opposite goal, 4 v 2 with no conditions. After 5-10 minutes, the six players on the outside switch with the players on the inside.

Coaching Points:

1.  Decision Making – First look for quick goal scoring opportunities (shots, crosses, thru passes).

2.  Speed of Play – Get the ball off of your foot and play in a one or two-touch rhythm.

3.  Defending – Always pressure the ball. Curve your run and force play in one direction.


Progression 1 – Limit the attackers on the inside to one touch passes and finishes.

Players Required: 

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