7 v 5 Into 3 v 3

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Set Up:  

19 players are set up in the attacking half, starting 7 v 5 in the midfield zone, and 2 v 3 inside of the 18. Play begins in the midfield zone, with the attackers looking to play the ball across the 18.  When the ball is played in, one attacker crosses over to create a 3 v 3. Goals can only be scored from inside the 18. When they win the ball, the defending team can score in the two small goals placed out on the flanks. Throw-ins and corner kicks are used on balls played out of bounds, and the GK re-starts play after goals are scored.

Coaching Points:

1.   Play in a one and two touch rhythm along with the rest of the team.

2.   Use checking runs in the attacking zone in order to create enough space to receive.

3.   Do not hold the ball in the midfield zone. Choose the pass over the dribble.


1.   Allow scoring from the midfield zone.

Players Required: 

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