7 v 7, Leave One Behind

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Set Up:

The two teams play 7 v 7 on a split field, attacking a two-sided goal. The attacking team must have all seven of their players in the same half of the field before they can shoot. One player from the defending team must stay behind in the other half during each possession  When a turnover occurs or a shot is missed, the ball goes into the other half and the players re-form the 7 v 6 in that half. The player who lost possession or missed the shot becomes the player left behind by the defending team. Games are played to three goals.

*Note: When a goal is saved or scored, the ball goes into the other half and possession goes to the other team.

Coaching Points:

1    Creating Space – Move the ball to the end line.

2    Attacking Speed – Choose the pass over the dribble.

3    Finishing – Pull the trigger to bring the defense out from goal.


1   Leave two defenders behind.

Players Required: 

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