7 vs. 3 Box Game

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Set up a square with cones or discs that is about 20 - 25 yards wide.  This is  the boundary for the game.  Two teams of three players each are inside the box.  The "bumpers" or "passers" are along the edges of the square.  These "bumpers" will receive passes from the players inside the box and they will have to pass the ball back to the same team that passed them the ball.  The teams inside the box are playing against each other in a game of keep away.  Each set of 5 consecutive complete passes (to themselves or to the bumpers) records 1 point.  The defending team must take the ball away in order to go on offense.  Players should be working hard without the ball to provide support for the players with the ball.  The ball carrier should always have an option because the team with the ball has the 7 on 4 advantage.

Goals Required: 
Balls Required: 
Players Required: 

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