8 v 8 Bumper Finishing Game


Players are organized into two teams of eight players on a 30x20 yard pitch, that is split into two halves. Each team has four players and then an additional four outside players in each team’s attacking half. Players on the inside can use the entire field and players on the outside must stay in their attacking half. The objective is to play forward and use the numerical advantage to create an attacking opportunity on goal. Outside players are limited to one touch in order to keep the tempo of the game as high as possible. Play for 3 minutes and then switch outside players with inside players.

Coaching Points:

1.   Attack at speed when you have numbers up. 

2.   Use the attackers on the outside for crosses and set backs from the end line.

3.   Anticpate turnovers and move before your opponents.

Players Required: 


jrosemin on 10/14/2022

Small sided game with numerical advantage

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