8 v 8, Knock Off

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Set Up:  

There are 16 players set up on a full field, playing between the penalty areas. Balls are set up on top of the cones placed along the end lines. During play, the attacking team scores by knocking a ball off of the cone. After scoring, the attacking team keeps possession and attacks in the other direction. A player on the defending team must retrieve the ball that was knocked off and set it back up on top of the cone before re-joining play, creating a temporary numbers-up situation for the attackers. Kick-ins are used on balls played out of bounds.

Coaching Points:

1.  Play in a one and two touch rhythm along with the rest of the team.

2.  Connect both sides of the field with long passes.

3.  Attack at speed when you have the man up situation.


1.  Add a neutral attacker.

Players Required: 

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