Attacking 3 v 2 w/Counter

Set Up:

Diagram 1: The attacking team starts with a 3 v 2 in the defending half of the field and a 1 v 2 in the attacking half. Inside the attacking half, one defender matches up 1 v 1, and the other acts as a screener. When the attackers pass the ball across the half line, two attackers follow the ball to create a 3 v 2 in the attacking half. If the attackers score, they keep the ball and attack in the other direction.   

Diagram 2: When the defenders win the ball in either half, they attack the opposite goal with all four players. The opposing team sends players across in order to defend 4 v 3. And again, if the attacking team scores, they keep the ball and change direction to re-start play.

Coaching Points:

1    Receiving – Check away from the ball until your teammate is prepared to pass. Hold your run.

2    Possession – One touch the ball away as the defender comes in rather than hold and shield.

3    Speed of Play – Play one and two touch soccer to get attackers free with time to finish on goal.


1    Play full width, add flank zones with neutrals.

Players Required: 

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