Barcelona Give & Go Shooting Drill

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This soccer drill emphasizes the ability to read the movements of your teammates and make quick and accurate passes based off of those movements. This drill should be a good one for U14 age level and U16 age level players.

 Three players are involved in each repetition of this soccer drill.  Set up four discs as shown in the diagram at about the top of the box.  The line with balls should be about 10 yards out. The red player will start the drill by making a pass to the blue player.the blue player will receive the first pass and make a pass right back to the red player.  The yellow player will then move to one of the discs and the red player needs to read their movement and make a pass to the yellow player.  The blue player needs to read the direction of the pass and open up for a shot on the side away from where the yellow player receives the pass.  Be sure to refer to the animation for clarification of this soccer drill!

Goals Required: 
Balls Required: 
Players Required: 


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