Combinations into 1 v 1


The two players in combine to send one of the players to goal, while the other player becomes the defender. They play 1 v 1 to completion, and then they switch places. There are four different combinations that the players can use.

  1. Overlap     
  2. Wall Pass    
  3. Double Pass    
  4. Takeover or Heel Pass

Coaching Points:

  1. Attacking – Take the dribble in behind the defender and get in a good shielding position.
  2. Finishing – Take the last dribble touch to the side in order to create a good shooting angle.
  3. Positive First Touch –  The dribble should go towards the center. Do not fade to the outside.

Progression 1: 

  • Add an attacker and a defender and play 2 v 2 to goal.
Players Required: 

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