Finish Twice

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Player 1 begins the drill by making a supporting run towards Player 2 or Player 3. In the diagram, Player 1 chooses Player 2 to combine with for a finish on goal. At the same time, Player 3 finishes on the other side of the field, and then moves into the center to begin the next attack.  After making their plays on the first goal, Players 1 and 2 run towards the far goal to finish passes from any one of the three Feeders - Players 4, 5, and 6.


Coaching Points:

1   Make a curved run to the ball in order to create a better shooting angle.

2   When finishing a set back pass, slow down your approach so that you can adjust to the pass.  

3   Use the dribble to get the goalkeeper moving, and then shoot before he can set his feet.      



Progression 1 – Add a defender on the far end and play 1 v 1 to goal.

Players Required: 

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