Finishing Into 3 v 3’s

Set Up:

Diagram 1: The shooting team (in blue) finishes three shots on goal #1: a straight shot (shot #1), followed by a finish from a back pass (shot #2), and then a finish from a wall pass (shot #3).

Diagram 2: Immediately after the last shot, the goalkeeper in front of goal #2 feeds the attacking team opposite from him (in red). The team that shot first now has to defend the 3 v 3. After that 3 v 3 is finished, the goalkeeper in front of goal #1 feeds the team opposite from him (in black), and the original shooting team defends the 3 v 3 on that ball as well (not shown in the diagram). After the 3 v 3’s are completed, the goalkeepers re-load the next shooting team, and the teams rotate. In the diagrams above, the order of shooting goes from the blue team to the red to the black. Also, the starting position for the 3 v 3’s alternate sides of the field so that all of the goalkeepers get to face shots.

Coaching Points:

1    Finishing – Make positive first touches to goal in order to improve your shooting angle.  

2    Runs Off the Ball –  Players without the ball should make runs down the field in order to create space.

3    Combination Play – Make the verbal and visual cues early.

4    Speed of Attack – Attackers should be looking for quick finishes on goal.


1    Add a fourth team and a fourth goal and run another 3 v 3 at the defending team.

Players Required: 

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