Long Switch Into 2 v 1

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Play begins inside of the flank zone, where the players are 3 v 3 plus three (the three teammates outside of the zone). After the attackers make five consecutive passes, they can switch the ball over to their teammate in the small zone.  After receiving the long pass, the attacker in the small zone goes to goal to finish 2 v 1. The players in the small zone do not defend each other, but if the attacker does not receive inside of the zone, the other team gets to attack 2 v 1. Upon competion of the attack on goal, new players move from the flank zone over to the small zone. 

*Note: During the 3 v 3 plus three, the players on the outside do not defend.


Coaching Points:

1    Speed of Play – Play one and two touch soccer and force the defenders to chase.

2    Patience – Possess the ball until a player has the time and space to make a long, driven pass.

3    Finishing – Take the dribble right at the defender at speed and put him back on his heels.



Progression 1 –  Progress to 3 v 2 and 4 v 3 to goal.

Players Required: 

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