Possession Into 1 v 1

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Set Up:

The teams play 8 v 8 plus one, with two scoring zones inside of the big field. Each team places a player inside of the scoring zones. At first, teams score by passing to a teammate inside of a scoring zone, where he must dribble out WITH POSSESSION. The passer then takes his place inside of the scoring zone. As the game progresses, teams score by passing into the scoring zone, where they teammate they passed to goes 1 v 1 and scores in the small goal. Games are played to 5 points, after which the players in the 1 v 1’s switch out.

Coaching Points:

1.  Speed of Play – Play in a 1-2 touch rhythm and get the ball off of your foot.

2.  Decision Making – When an area closes down, keep possession and switch fields.

3.  Transition – Do not ‘switch off’ during play, especially after changes of possession.


Progression 1 – Enlarge the scoring zones and progress to 2 v 2’s w/small goals.

Players Required: 

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